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TV Production Services in Tenerife, Spain for Ant and Dec’s ITV Saturday Night Takeaway


Let me tell you about what happened behind the scenes when Ant and Dec went to film on the beach in Tenerife! It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining and the waves crashing gently. Ant and Dec were getting ready to do some funny stuff on the beach, and guess who was there to help? That’s right, us!

ACREW4U facilitated permissions for a UK team to film Ant and Dec on the beach in Tenerife. Additionally, we provided essential support by supplying a fixer, as well as a drone and operator. The drone was strategically launched from both a catamaran and the beach to capture dynamic aerial footage. Ant and Dec were engaged in filming beach challenges intended for episodes of their show, with our services ensuring the smooth execution of their production.

Their mission?

The mission of this shoot was to facilitate and support the filming of Ant and Dec on the beach in Tenerife, ensuring a seamless and successful production process. Key challenges included securing permissions for filming on the beach, finding optimal filming locations, and capturing breathtaking aerial shots with a drone. ACREW4U provided essential services such as obtaining permits, coordinating with local experts, and supplying a drone and operator to achieve the desired outcome. The ultimate goal was to enable Ant and Dec to film entertaining beach challenges for their show, with our assistance ensuring the smooth execution of their behind-the-scenes adventure.

Challenge: Securing Permissions for Filming on the Beach

First off, we had to deal with a bunch of paperwork to make sure they could film on the beach. It wasn’t as simple as just setting up a camera. Without the right permits, they couldn’t film anything at all!

The Solution:

We got to work sorting out all the paperwork and talking to the right people to make sure everything was okay. We wanted Ant and Dec to have a smooth filming experience, so we made sure all the boring stuff was taken care of.

Challenge: Finding the Best Filming Locations and Overcoming Hiccups

Once we got the permits sorted, we had to figure out the best spots to film. And you know how it goes, there were a few little problems that popped up along the way.

The Solution:

Luckily, we had a local expert on our team who knew Tenerife really well. They helped Ant and Dec find the perfect spots to film and sorted out any little issues that came up. It was like having a superhero behind the scenes!

Challenge: Capturing Breathtaking Aerial Shots with a Drone

Then came the fun part – capturing cool shots from the sky with a drone. But flying a drone off a boat and from the beach isn’t as easy as it sounds!

The Solution:

We gave Ant and Dec a fancy drone and someone who knew how to fly it like a pro. They took amazing shots from way up high, showing off the beach from a whole new angle. It was like watching their adventures unfold from a bird’s eye view!


In the end, everything came together perfectly. From dealing with paperwork to getting awesome shots with the drone, it was a real team effort. When those episodes finally aired, it was like reliving those sunny days in Tenerife all over again. And knowing we played a part in making it happen? That’s a pretty great feeling!


  • ACREW4U facilitated permissions for a UK team to film Ant and Dec on the beach in Tenerife.
  • Provided essential support including a fixer, drone, and operator for capturing dynamic aerial footage.
  • Ensure a seamless production process and enable Ant and Dec to film entertaining beach challenges for their show.
  • Challenges included securing permissions for beach filming, finding optimal locations, and capturing aerial shots with a drone.
  • Solutions involved meticulous paperwork handling, local expertise for location scouting, and skilled drone operation.
  • Despite challenges, ACREW4U’s efforts contributed to a successful production, with episodes showcasing Tenerife’s beauty and Ant and Dec’s adventures.
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