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Corporate Videography Services for Mob Film and McLaren in Neom, Saudi Arabia


Alright, so picture this: Imagine I’m telling you about this super cool thing ACREW4U did with cameras and gear, filming an event for Mob Film where McLaren drivers got together for a day of fun. It’s like a behind-the-scenes adventure with the Formula-E drivers and the big boss of the team doing all sorts of fun stuff in Neom.

Okay, so here’s the deal. ACREW4U got roped into this exciting gig where they had to film the whole shebang between Neom and McLaren. You know, Formula-E drivers, fancy cars, and the head honcho of the team doing their thing around Neom. So, ACREW4U brought in their top-notch camera operators and gear to capture every moment of this activation. They were like the eyes behind the scenes, making sure they didn’t miss a single rev of those speedy Formula-E cars.

Their mission?

Their mission was simple yet crucial: film everything, from the drivers zooming around to the team principal making big boss decisions. Basically, they had to make sure they caught all the action and excitement of the day.


Now, filming something as dynamic as Formula-E drivers racing around and a team principal doing important stuff isn’t a walk in the park. There were challenges like unpredictable weather, tight schedules, and making sure they didn’t miss any crucial moments.

The Solution:

But fear not! ACREW4U had it all under control. They came prepared with backup plans for everything. They had weatherproof gear, super skilled camera operators ready to adapt to any situation, and a tight schedule planned to make sure they didn’t miss a beat.


In the end, ACREW4U nailed it! They captured all the action, drama, and excitement of the day between Neom and McLaren. Their footage was like gold, showcasing the thrill of Formula-E and the partnership between these two powerhouse brands.


  • ACREW4U filmed an activation between Neom and McLaren, involving Formula-E drivers and the team principal.
  • Mission: Capture every moment of the day’s activities.
  • Challenges: Unpredictable weather, tight schedules, and dynamic events.
  • Solutions: Weatherproof gear, skilled operators, and meticulous planning.
  • Conclusion: ACREW4U successfully captured the excitement of the partnership between Neom and McLaren.
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