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Corporate Photography Services for LEGO in Billund (Denmark), Shanghai (China), and Singapore!


I’ve got a delightful story for you today. Picture this: LEGO employees, those geniuses behind our favorite childhood toy, getting a special photography service for our long standing clients Media Zoo. Yep, it’s as fun as it sounds!

ACREW4U, the wizards behind the lens, stepped in to provide photography services for LEGO employees for Media Zoo. They’re like the artists capturing memories in the form of pixels.

Their mission?

Their mission? Simple yet charming: to immortalize the faces behind the magic of LEGO. I mean, who wouldn’t want to capture the joy and creativity of those brilliant minds?


Now, you might think photographing LEGO employees is a walk in the park, but oh, there were challenges! These folks are busy building dreams, so finding the right time for a photoshoot amidst their hectic schedules was no easy feat.

The Solution:

But fear not, because ACREW4U had it all figured out! They worked closely with the LEGO team to schedule convenient times for the photoshoots. Plus, they brought along their secret weapon: a knack for making people feel comfortable in front of the camera.


And the result? Pure magic! ACREW4U captured the essence of LEGO’s vibrant workplace culture, showcasing the smiles, laughter, and creativity that define the company. It’s proof that behind every LEGO creation, there’s a passionate person with a story to tell.


  • ACREW4U provided photography services for LEGO employees.
  • Mission: Capture the joy and creativity of LEGO’s brilliant minds.
  • Challenges: Scheduling photoshoots amidst busy workdays.
  • Solutions: Close collaboration with the LEGO team, making employees comfortable in front of the camera.
  • Conclusion: Stunning photos capturing the vibrant workplace culture of LEGO.
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