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ACrew4U provided Film Production Services in Rome for ABB and Formula E – Mediazoo


Picture this: a production team descends upon the enchanting streets of Rome, Italy.

Behind the scenes, ensuring every frame captures the essence of innovation and sustainability that is the ethos of Formula E, stands the dedicated crewing and production service partner ACREW4U.

Their mission?

To navigate the local landscape, securing permits and scouting the perfect locations, all while the gaffer, meticulously crafts the visual allure of each shot. Together, they lay the groundwork for a narrative that transcends mere spectacle, embodying the core ethos of “Drivers of Progress.”
This cool shoot was for Mediazoo of London on behalf of their client ABB, a technology company, and Formula E, which is like this fancy electric car racing thing. They teamed up for this project called “Drivers of Progress,” which is all about showing how innovation, being green, and performance can go hand in hand with electric cars. There’s this production company called Media Zoo that’s helping make it all happen.

The Challenge:

Back in November 2022, Media Zoo had to make an episode for “Drivers of Progress” in Rome, Italy. It was a big deal because they had to plan everything perfectly to show off ABB and Formula E’s partnership in making eco-friendly cars cool. They even teamed up with some other companies to get everything just right.

The Solution:

So, on the 7th and 8th of November, the crew went out with all their fancy gear to film in Rome. ACREW4U made sure that everything ran smoothly on the ground, while the gaffer made sure it all looked stunning.
The episode they made was a hit! People loved seeing Rome and the electric racing action, and it got everyone excited about sustainability and innovation.


After that success, Media Zoo kept working with ABB and Formula E. In October 2023, they helped out with testing in Spain, showing they’re trusted partners in making impactful videos.
Basically, this whole collaboration shows how working together can create awesome content that gets people talking about important stuff like green energy and the future of transportation. And it all started with Acrew4U opening the case study.


  • ACrew4U, a specialised service partner, played a crucial role behind the scenes, ensuring every frame of the “Drivers of Progress” series captured the essence of innovation and sustainability.
  • The collaboration between ABB, Formula E, and Media Zoo aimed to showcase how electric cars can be both eco-friendly and high-performance.
  • In November 2022, Media Zoo faced the challenge of producing an episode of “Drivers of Progress” in Rome, Italy, highlighting the partnership between ABB and Formula E.
  • Meticulous planning was required to showcase the coolness of eco-friendly cars and the excitement of electric racing.
  • ACrew4U handled local logistics, securing permits and scouting locations, while the gaffer enhanced visual aesthetics, ensuring stunning shots.
  • The production crew, equipped with advanced gear, filmed in Rome on 7th and 8th November, capturing the city’s vibrancy and the thrill of Formula E racing.
  • The episode received positive feedback, generating excitement about sustainability and innovation.
  • Media Zoo continued collaborating with ABB and Formula E, demonstrating their role as trusted partners in impactful video production.
  • The collaboration exemplifies how teamwork can create engaging content that sparks conversations about green energy and the future of transportation.
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