From ad-hoc to contract teams

Our Cre8tive Bank is so creative, we replaced the ‘a’ with an ‘8’.

How’s that for cre8tivity?

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about.

Well, it’s basically a fancy name we came with to describe a super sweet combo of our services, because they’re a bit of a mouthful otherwise. Namely, managed services, creative staffing support, ad-hoc production crew bookings and strategy.

They pretty much do what they say on the tin. But we’ve provided a breakdown below, because we’re nice like that.

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We specialise in

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Managed Services

Whether you’re after a single person, an entire team or a few fresh faces – consider it done. Boxed off. Just go and put a big old tick on it.

It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to fill us in on everything we need to know about your project. Once that bit’s out of the way, we’ll sort the rest.

That includes supplying and managing creative talent for your team, handpicked from our vetted database and slotted right into your company’s workflow. We’ll even handle the paperwork and payroll.

So you’ve got more time to, you know, make masterpieces and stuff.

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Creative Staffing Support

When it comes to sourcing and supplying video, photo and full production crew, we’re seasoned pros. We’ve been at it for the best part of two decades, after all.

And throughout that time, we’ve fine tuned quite the vetting process. We’ll source, screen and shortlist candidates based on your wants and needs, and serve your choices up on a silver platter.

Okay, not literally. But, you get the jist.

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Reliable creative crew of all types

Ad hoc production Crew Bookings

When you’ve got a huge project on the horizon, things can get a little busy. We know how it goes.

The good news is, we can help with that.

We’ll work as an extension of your team to get a solid understanding of your project and take the whole talent sourcing stuff off your plate.

Oh, and we’ll handle all of the boring office tasks, too.


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The first step in any of our client collaborations revolves around us gaining a thorough understanding of every single requirement you have, might have, or don’t even know about yet. And that goes hand in hand with figuring out what you don’t actually need, as well.

We figure this out by auditing your library of existing content, to identify where you can leverage some of the content under your belt already.

This way, we can help you maximise the value of what you’ve already got to play with, slashing costs and knocking the whole efficiency ballgame out of the park.

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How it works

1. Give us the low-down

It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to fill us in on everything we need to know about your project. Once that bit’s out of the way, we’ll sort the rest.

2. We’ll do the matchmaking

Our team will handpick a talented bunch based on your needs, wants and whereabouts. Then it’s time for us to get stuck into the pre-production briefings. Yippee!

3. We’re there for the whole shebang

Say buh-bye to pre-shoot pickles, mid-shoot mishaps and post-shoot predicaments. We’ll be on standby before, during and after your shoot to make sure every little thing goes exactly to plan

“They take the stress, time and pain away from our producers!”

ACrew4U have been supporting inEvidence for the past 4yrs with our constant requirement for experienced crews from all around the globe.

Our projects vary massively in terms of crew size and equipment specs, ACrew4U have a huge network of industry professionals to call upon which takes the stress, time and pain away from our own producers!

Mike Wood – Head of Video – InEvidence

3000+ vetted video crew in 80+ countries

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