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Corporate Videography and 360 Filming of Plates to Add Shoes to Famous Monuments in Rome and Paris


Alright, so picture this: ACREW4U got this super cool job where they had to film plates to add shoes into famous monuments for their long standing clients JD Sports. But to get this, they had to use post production magic to make it look like people were actually wearing those shoes at iconic places like the Colosseum and the Arc de Triomphe.

So, ACREW4U brought in their top-notch camera operators and gear to film these plates. They were like the magicians behind the scenes, capturing the monuments in all their glory, ready to add in those shoe-wearing folks later.

Their mission?

Their mission was kinda mind-bending: film the monuments in a way that post production could seamlessly add in people wearing shoes. Plus, they had to do it all in 360 filming, which adds a whole new layer of complexity.


Now, filming these monuments was no easy feat. There were challenges like getting the perfect angles without disturbing the historical sites, dealing with crowds of tourists, and capturing the essence of these iconic places.

The Solution:

But hey, ACREW4U had it all sorted out. They came prepared with specialized equipment for 360 filming, sneaky camera angles to avoid getting in anyone’s way, and a ton of patience to wait for the perfect moment to capture each shot.


In the end, ACREW4U pulled it off like pros! They filmed those plates with precision, making sure every detail of the monuments was captured flawlessly. And with some post production magic, they seamlessly added in those shoe-wearing folks, making it look like they were strolling around the Colosseum and the Arc de Triomphe like it was no big deal.


  • ACREW4U filmed plates to add shoes into famous monuments like the Colosseum and the Arc de Triomphe for JD Sports.
  • Mission: Film the monuments in a way that post production could add in people wearing shoes, all in 360 filming.
  • Challenges: Getting perfect angles, dealing with crowds, and capturing the essence of the monuments.
  • Solutions: Specialized equipment, sneaky camera angles, and patience.
  • Conclusion: ACREW4U successfully filmed the plates, capturing the monuments’ essence and seamlessly adding in shoe-wearing people in post production.
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