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The Producer’s Guide To Stockholm Filming Permits: Key Points For Navigating Permits, Costs, And Expertise

Do I need a permit to shoot in Stockholm?

You don’t need a film permit to shoot in Stockholm outdoors. But if you’re inside of a public building, you’re going to have to get permission. If you’re going to shoot in the underground, you need some permissions.

How does one get a permit if one needs one?

There’s usually a Press Secretary involved. So with the Underground, it would be whoever has a contract for the trains at that point. The train company for that. If you’re going to shoot in the Parliament, you would have to get permission to be there and have someone guide you in. Where infrastructure might be at risk, you will need a permit as they don’t want to just let anybody in there

What is  a rough idea of how much it costs to get a permit?

It varies. If you’re working for Swedish private, or public television. It’s sometimes free. With a Press card you can get a lot of permissions that maybe other people can’t.

If you did need a permit, how long would you advise allowing to get prepared?

It really varies. For a local crew, if you’re in a military base and they’re doing exercises, but you have permission they probably let you right in. But. It can vary from a permission right at the door to waiting for it if they really don’t want to have people in to film. They they can sort of drag things out of it. I’m filming in a hospital next week and that permission just goes at the door. I recommend you always get a local involved as they know how things roll in reality.

Why would you recommend it’s a good idea to get a local to help preparing permits or with planning your shoot in Stockholm?

Some people that I’ve seen will come to Sweden with core planning only. As they  just want to save money. They can end up spending days and days in their hotel because they haven’t thought it through. They don’t have permissions. You can lose a lot of time, and time is money. It’s a nice vacation, but a frustrating and expensive one if you’ve got crew on the clock.

Do you have any other tips about shooting in Stockholm?

Be prepared for the weather! Swedish weather is unique. People are very calm and nice even if the weather is a little bit volatile and temperamental. But apart from the weather it’s a great city. The people are wonderful.


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