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Essential Tips For Shooting In Stockholm: What You Should And Should Not Do When Shooting In Stockholm

1- What should you always do when shooting in Stockholm?

Have a recce. Check the weather first.

2 – What should you never do when shooting in Stockholm?

One thing you should never do is wear your shoes in someone’s house. It’s like Japan

3 – What little known fact would save you time, stress or money when shooting in Stockholm?

Get a local that understands the system because the transport can be quite tricky. Sometimes Americans just rent a car, and then they’ll try to navigate Stockholm. It’s crazy. It’s like going to Central London with a car. You should never do that. Don’t assume that people think the same as you. It’s another country. They have another approach. They’re very sweet. They’re very soft. And they’re friendly. But. Just don’t. Don’t bring a big car into Stockholm. It’s not good. You can hire local transport or something, but make it easy for yourself. Taxis? Nothing wrong with that!

4 – What is the best season or what are the best seasons to shoot in Stockholm?

All the seasons are great. When there’s snow out, it’s absolutely gorgeous. The summers are really good, but the summers are troublesome because in July and August, it closes down, so all the good people you want to catch are gone. And you just have tourists here. We have a short summer. We have the midnight sun in the summertime. So we have really long shooting days. But then on the other hand, if you go towards winter, you’re going to have really short days. So if you’re going to shoot outdoors, be prepared for a short day in the winter. If you have a lot of windows and you think, okay, I’m going to use as my main lighting source or I’m going to set up ahead of time and you can see how the sunlight is going to disappear soon. In Sweden, typically, we have to survive these winters. So we have light decor because we want the light to reflect in from the windows. Yes, that’s a big deal. If you really love these dark and warm, Earth toned kind of backgrounds like they have in the States, you don’t see them very often in Sweden. So you just have to be prepared for how to light it. How’s the background going to look? If you want the subject to sort of pop out. Your eyes always go to the brightest thing in the frame.

5 – Is there anything somebody considering shooting in Stockholm should bear in mind regarding safety?

Generally, Sweden is really safe, but you can’t be stupid. We do have a few places that are known as “zones” and leaving a camera in a car is an issue. Besides taking your material thieves take your tools so you’re in trouble. So never leave stuff in the field. Just basic security. Be careful with that one. Generally, it’s a very safe place. Just never leave a camera in a car, and I don’t leave anything that’s easy to spot. Generally, it’s probably one of the safest cities in Europe, even though we’ve had a little bit of news recently about some bombings and things. Those are gang related and they tend to only affect other gangs.

6 -Are there any times of day when you should avoid planning a shoot in Stockholm?

Avoiding rush hours a really good idea. Just be prepared. It’s really busy from about 08:00 to about 930. It gets quite busy in the morning and then the afternoon from about 430 to 630. You have an evening rush hour. They’ve been doing a lot of building around Sweden and Stockholm, and with the expanding cities there are more and more people moving about.



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