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Stockholm’s Visual Gems: Top Shooting Locations For Captivating Storytelling

What are the top places in Stockholm to shoot at?

Old town

The Old Town of Stockholm is undoubtedly a picturesque and iconic location. As a local, I know a few hidden gems where you can capture stunning shots of the city’s unique atmosphere. This part of town is an integral part of Stockholm’s charm, and having well-crafted footage of it would undoubtedly be a crucial element in showcasing the city’s beauty.

Parliament and Castle

You can shoot in front of the Parliament. You can shoot in front of the Castle and infuse your production with the regal splendour of what may feel like a past age, but is an ever-present wonderful reality embodied in these mesmerising metropolitan monoliths.


A fine vantage point from which to survey Sweden’s sweetest sights. Below are boats, buildings and betold stories of a thousand lives, all laid out like a model village, such is the elevation afforded by this classic cliff-side combination in a comfortable cosmopolitan conurbation.


Another one for you cliff-lovers. It’s really nice, one of my favorites, because there’s a beautiful cliff that overlooks the city. And it’s one of these to die for views.

Stadshuset – City Hall

A city hall to beat them all, you’ll for sure fall under this building’s thrall. Be sure to make an early call as it’s popular with folk big and small.

Skansen –  outdoor museum

It’s hard to believe this but, once upon a time, people lived in an old fashioned age before websites and social media. In those bygone days, people would do other stuff and you can see it at first hand in this rather lovely open air museum that brings the past to life and demonstrates that people got along fine in a well run place like Sweden.

Abba Museum

When life makes you want to yell SOS! in a winner takes it all world just gimme gimme gimme some time at the Abba museum. Voulez-vous a walk through the legend that is one of the top selling acts of all time? Well it’s here! From arrival you’ll see the band wasn’t driven solely by money, money, money but also that they took a chance and it paid off big style. Knowing me, knowing you, it’s the best thing for you to do to visit this museum. (Today, and not Hasta Manana).


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