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We caught up with Scott, a key local producer in Stockholm for ACrew4U and asked him about his career journey so far.

How long have you been working with ACrew4U?

It’s been some years I don’t recall. It’s been so many years, must be fifteen at least! But it’s been really fun and I get a lot of work from you guys. And. I really enjoy it. You’re probably one of my favorite clients, I guess. And. It’s nice for your clients, too, because they go through you.


How long have you been doing your job in video production?

It’s been a long time. I’m afraid to say how many years it was because I’ve got a few Gray hairs here. With that. I’ve shot for national television, CNN. I’ve worked from everything from the Rolling Stones to David Bowie. You name it. I’ve probably done so much now that I can fix just about anything. So if a job comes in, I’ll treat it like it’s the toughest job in my life because you’re only as good as the last job.


How did you get into video and video production? What did you do before you got into video?

I was one of those people that had an opportunity that I turned down. When I first got to University, I had a job offer at mgm. I turned it down so I could go sailing the West Indies. And I went, oh, boy, maybe that wasn’t so smart. And then I saw another opportunity at a Hollywood party. Somebody called in one of my friends for a job, and he goes, oh, I’m really sorry. I’m busy, but why not ask my friend Scott? So from the first day in Los Angeles, visiting Los Angeles, I was hired. And a paid job. In the first hour and a half of my new job, I met Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor. They give you a room to film in and a coffee!. I thought, I’m never going to lose opportunities. I was a sponge for knowledge. And I still am. It’s still just like that first day!


What do you really enjoy about shooting stuff and producing stuff. What gets you out of bed about it. What are the aspects of it you really like the most?

It’s exciting. It’s really fun. You’re doing something. That maybe I’ve done some jobs where a billion people actually see what I’m doing sometimes live. And it’s like the beginning was terrifying. And now I’m like, okay, one job at a time, one person at a time. It’s like if here’s the theater. And it’s really, really fun. You learn so much. And I’ve had the best teachers in the world, some of the top journalists in the world I’ve worked with. So I’ve learned a lot from them.


Is there anything particularly any aspects of things that make corporate video projects unique that you quite like compared to other types of project?

You have to look at things from a customer’s point of view. What do they need? How am I going to make this job work for them? There’s a lot of personalities and communication. And they have to feel comfortable. If you start wavering and you’re nervous, they’re going to get nervous. So you have to let them know that you know what you’re doing, offer them some good solutions. And I’m not up to try to charge them the most I can. I just want to do a good job. So I need to ask myself, which tools are best for them for that job and how can I try my best to make it work? You have to be honest and realistic. That’s the nice thing about a couple of Gray hairs. You can tell people “I’ve done this before. And I would suggest this…”.


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