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We caught up with Alessandra and Mark, our key local producers in Rome for ACrew4U and asked them about their career journey so far.


How long have you been working with ACrew4U?

I think it’s been more than five years now. 

How did you start working with ACrew4U?

I began working with Mark, a colleague of mine, who I collaborated with consistently on various international productions. When they required a fixer or line producer, Mark recommended me. Since then, we initiated our collaborations, building mutual trust and accomplishing great work together.

How long have you been a producer for?

I have been working as a producer for nearly 20 years. I began my career with Italian public television and later extended my work to various international productions, collaborating with teams from the US, UK, Spain, and more. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in producing documentaries, commercials, and corporate projects.

How did you get into being a television producer?

It’s a funny story because, despite being a marine biologist, they were seeking individuals with a science background, particularly those adept at presenting on dry land. When I interviewed for my initial TV job, I emerged as the top candidate. From that point onward, I delved into the industry and found a genuine passion for it. Consequently, I began producing my own projects and have now evolved into an independent producer and director.

What makes you passionate about doing the job that you do as a producer?

I have a genuine passion for problem-solving; it feels like a challenge to me. Each time I successfully overcome an obstacle; I experience a deep sense of satisfaction. I take pleasure in meeting new people, observing their working styles, and engaging in idea exchange. Teamwork is something I truly cherish. Whenever I encounter a new crew, it feels like embarking on a new adventure. Together, we create an incredible atmosphere during filming, making it seem like we’re on holiday, despite the long days. This job is my passion, and I find joy in every aspect of it.



How long have you been working with ACrew4U?

It’s been at least 15 years, but I believe even before that, when you were in Paris, I was already working for you. You’re one of the first people we collaborated with outside of France. It’s been quite a while.

How long have you been shooting stuff?

I’ve spent approximately 40 years in this field, though it’s hard to believe. It’s just been a continuous journey for me. I began as an assistant in news at a television station in Sydney, Australia, and then transitioned to documentaries and so forth.

How did you get into television? 

Well, my journey began in the music industry, and then I transitioned into television as a boom operator for soap operas, specifically focusing on sound. It was an interesting experience, but I soon realized that sound wasn’t my forte; I’ve always been more of a visual person. So, I decided to go back to the beginning and secured a position as a camera assistant in the news department of the same TV station. I made the switch, and from there, I ventured into independent work, primarily focusing on documentaries. I also dabbled in feature film projects, taking on roles such as operator and clap loader.

Subsequently, I joined the renowned American program “60 Minutes,” which was also present in Australia, syndicated to CBS. I spent 16 years with them, working in approximately 100 countries around the world. Following that, I relocated to Paris, then to Rome, ultimately transitioning into an independent career.

What makes you really love your job as a DoP? 

One of the most fascinating aspects is that each day brings a new job, presenting an entirely fresh challenge. Unlike following a predefined set of instructions, there’s no manual saying, “This is how we’ll do it.” Until you’re on the ground, planning is only a rough estimate. You might anticipate needing certain tools or resources, but everything shifts once you’re amid it. Therefore, every day becomes a new challenge, and you essentially must start afresh, which is something I thoroughly enjoy. 


What do you like specifically about corporate video projects?


Working on corporate videos is a cooperative effort that exposes you to a wide range of topics, from science to technology. It serves to delve deeper into new subjects, providing an interesting learning experience. Organizing and meeting people for these projects feels like opening a door to a previously unexplored world. While documentary work aligns more closely with personal preferences or usual pursuits, corporate videos represent a distinct aspect of the field.

However, there are challenges associated with corporate projects. Clients in this domain may lack familiarity with the video industry, leading to misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations. As Mark mentioned, issues like location choices can arise. Dealing with such clients can be challenging, especially when they have limited knowledge of the technicalities involved. For instance, they might not be clear about the specific locations for filming, make last-minute changes to the script, and so on. While these challenges are manageable, they are part of the corporate landscape.



The intriguing aspect of this work is the uncertainty of what you’ll be dealing with. It becomes a constant challenge. Often, you find yourself collaborating with a corporate entity, and their typical preference is to conduct interviews in boardrooms, centered around the boardroom table. In such cases, the initial task is to explore locations beyond the boardroom, emphasizing the significance of finding suitable settings.

One significant challenge is that many individuals you work with have never been in front of a camera before. This introduces a unique dynamic as these individuals, who are not professional actors, are suddenly expected to perform like one. Often, they find themselves on the spot, experiencing moments of freezing up, forgetting lines, or struggling with unfamiliar equipment like an autocue. The variety of scenarios is vast due to their lack of experience, making them usually appear stiff and challenging to work with, although occasional encounters with natural talents like the Qualcomm guy are rare.


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