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Alessandra and Mark – Our Key Producers Tell Us About Their Top Filming Destinations in Rome

Embark on a cinematic journey through Rome’s iconic destinations, each holding a unique allure that makes them emblematic in the world of filmmaking.

Alessandra’s picks-

Appian Way

If you wish to explore a less touristy but historically rich part of Rome, the Appian Way is a captivating option. This ancient road features well-preserved pavements, remnants of aqueducts, and Roman villas. One can even opt for a unique experience by horse riding or renting a bike to leisurely explore this quiet, park-like area. The atmosphere allows you to immerse yourself in the past and discover lesser-known locations. We’ve even filmed horseback riding along the Appian Way, making it an unusual and less-explored spot.

The Appian Way is part of the Appia Antica Regional Park, a vast area that begins with ruins. Along the Old Roman Road, you encounter stones, beautiful pine trees framing your path, and glimpses of ancient structures like aqueducts and Roman villas. This unconventional exploration offers a different perspective of the city, embracing tranquillity and peace amidst historical wonders.

Palazzo Colonna

Another stunning and less predictable location is Palazzo Colonna in Rome. This private palace is still inhabited by the prince, continuing the tradition of noble families vying for power and influence through art. Palazzo Colonna houses an incredible gallery with mirrors, statues, and paintings spanning a length of 200 meters. Audrey Hepburn even filmed a scene from “La Dolce Vita” here. The palace retains its charm as a living space, with the upper floors still used by the family. Special events take place on these floors, and the palace boasts a delightful garden, creating a timeless and enchanting atmosphere that transports you away from the bustling city. It’s a truly special place that offers a unique glimpse into both history and contemporary life.

Mark’s picks-


To be entirely expected when it comes to iconic locations, the Colosseum takes the lead because it’s invariably the first choice for many filmmakers. However, the focus is not solely on the Colosseum itself but the surroundings, especially the area in front of the Colosseum. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time working in that vicinity, and the challenge lies in capturing unique angles that set your footage apart from the usual shots. Over the years, I’ve discovered a couple of interesting possibilities that hadn’t been explored much, contingent on the time of day.

How is shooting in Rome different from anywhere else?


In my perspective as a Roman, Rome stands out as an incredible city. It offers hidden corners and angles that many people are not familiar with, providing breathtaking views of various monuments. The lighting conditions also vary with the seasons, adding to the city’s perpetual charm and beauty. The diversity of Rome is unparalleled, featuring everything from ancient structures to Baroque and modern architectures. Each location possesses its own distinct characteristics and atmosphere, making it suitable for filming a wide range of content, whether it be modern scenes, trailers, or documentaries. In essence, I believe Rome is a truly unique and incomparable place for filmmaking.


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