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The Producer’s Guide To the Cost of Filming in Paris

Questions about the cost of our production and video services are always being thrown our way.
Are we budget friendly? Do we require a deposit? Etc.
Well, we’ve finally answered all of your questions. Read on to find out more about the cost of our services.

How much will it cost me hire a crew to shoot in the city?

There is not a set fee as every event is different as is every configuration of team and kit but a one person broadcast standard crew will cost from EUR 1100 upwards plus expenses

Does the cost of the shoot depend on the location the event is taking place at?

Our crew charges a set daily rate that is calculated for each project. The rates are pretty standard but the technical configuration will drive the pricing.

Do you require a deposit before the shoot, or is the full payment made after the shoot?

For new clients we need a full payment or a large upfront payment to secure the crew. After we have established a trading history terms can be offered.

Do you charge per hour or are there packages that we can purchase?

The smallest increment we charge is generally half a day, but it’s more realistic to assume that the minimum fee will be a day as when one takes into account getting to and from the shoot and setting setup/packing to leave as well as backing up recordings and the actual shoot itself what may seem like a very quick shoot to the client can involve a lot of unseen work for the crew.

How much will it cost to hire both a photographer and videographer for the same event?

Ask us! It really depends on whether we can get someone to “double up” and deal with photo and video.


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ACrew4U services in Paris

ACrew4U can help you with video camera crew worldwide, photographers worldwide, event filming and photo as well as production services for TV and photo and contract staff and services for business. We work as an extension of your team, to back your project like it’s our own and our team has over 20 years experience.

How ACrew4U works

1. Give us the low-down

It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to fill us in on everything we need to know about your project. Once that bit’s out of the way, we’ll sort the rest.

2. We’ll do the matchmaking

We find the best people and work with you to plan and execute the shoot well, and the raw footage is delivered in time

3. We’re there for the whole shebang

Say buh-bye to pre-shoot pickles, mid-shoot mishaps and post-shoot predicaments. We’ll be on standby before, during and after your shoot to make sure every little thing goes exactly to plan.

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