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20th Anniversary – How ACrew4U Started Out in the City of Love!

The idea of turning 20 is always exciting for us. However, when it comes to our children, we always tend to ask one question: How has time flown by so fast?
And that ladies and gentlemen is what we at ACREW4U are currently doing.
When we realized that ACREW4U is turning 20 years old this year, we all took a step back to admire and do the work we have done in these past two decades, and to gush about how far the company has come.
But, to understand how and why ACREW4U is what it is today, we will have to go back to where it all started.

Bonjour Paris!

ACrew4U started in Paris purely by accident when a young English lad named Bill needed to raise some money to buy an apartment, as Paris was apparently really cheap back in 2003, but hey what do I know I was only six years old!

Anyway, back to our story, this young chap was terrible with money, so he needed a side-hustle as people say nowadays.
He worked at a TV station doing a job he hated, but on the brighter side, it allowed him to get a mortgage!

Bill had a good pal who, in his own words, is much cleverer than him. This friend had a website on Indian restaurants, and that led to Bill thinking about a website, but he was much too lazy to do anything, so he kind of forgot it.

Later on, when a pal told him to get a hobby, Bill spent the then massive sum of 320 Euros on a video production course across the Canal St Martin from his little studio flat.

He made a very dull documentary about Toulouse Lautrec and vowed he would never edit or use a camera again, and then once again, he sort of forgot about it!
Then, one day, as he spent his day in the office surfing the web, because his job was so boring, he saw an ad online that said you could make a website without software or coding experience, and he wondered what he could do to make money from a website. Bear in mind that he had no notable skills!

But then, one day in the shower before work, in full force and fully formed, the idea of offering location services to people in France suddenly hit Bill. When he got to the office, he built a prototype website that same day and showed it to some pals.

The next day, he spent a whopping 35 dollars to make it live and forgot all about it.

Then, a month or so later, the phone rang…
And the rest, as they say, is history.

It is no secret that there is a fun and hardworking bunch here at ACrew4U who work tirelessly to ensure that the company achieves all of its goals and ambitions. However, we would cease to exist if it was not our fun loving and cringy joke telling boss, good ole Bill Mountain, who even after being so forgetful, still managed to bring ACREW4U to the heights that it is at today.
But don’t worry because the services that you see listed on the ACREW4U website are not all that we have to offer. The future holds bright ideas and promises that will be coming your way soon.
So, until then, you’ll just have to stay tuned!


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ACrew4U services in Paris

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How ACrew4U works

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