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Vik – a key producer for us tells us about his top three filming destinations in London


My top choice would be Tower Bridge, primarily due to its iconic status as a significant London landmark. When it comes to capturing it on film, it’s comparatively easier to obtain permission because certain sections of it are available for private hire, rather than being subject to general council regulations. This facilitates the process of acquiring filming permissions in such scenarios.

Furthermore, the historical and aesthetic value of Tower Bridge is undeniable. Its timeless beauty complements any frame it appears in, making it a clear favorite for me.


Following that, I’d consider Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square as a combined choice. These locations showcase the diversity of London, combining modern and old architecture, which is visually captivating. The recent BA advertisement featuring a young boy pointing at a plane adds a contemporary touch, symbolizing technological advancements.
I am quite familiar with this area, having filmed various scenes, including Bollywood songs, drama, and horror sequences. It’s become a place I know inside out.


Lastly, I’d like to mention the Tattershall Castle boat along the Victorian embankment. This location provides a splendid backdrop with the London Eye and Big Ben in view. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly people contribute to a pleasant shooting experience. Being situated in a central part of London, where creative freedom is often restricted, this private property offers more flexibility for capturing scenes against the backdrop of the city’s main attractions. All in all, it’s a remarkable spot that I find truly captivating.

How would you say shooting in London is different from anywhere else or unique?

It’s completely different. The negative is that there is a considerably higher degree of protocol in comparison to other countries. The involvement of extensive paperwork is quite noticeable. On a positive note, there is a clear effort to promote London extensively, leading to a substantial amount of support being offered.

London boasts a plethora of stunning locations, and I find that the formal documentation process facilitates the filming of such scenes. Contrarily, in some other countries, particularly those with historical monuments, the path to obtaining permissions can be quite intricate and involve numerous hurdles. However, in London, the scenario is generally different. Once you’ve secured permission from one party, you typically do not encounter the need to seek authorization from multiple other entities. This streamlined process is a notable feature of filming in London.

The city is notably welcoming to filmmakers in terms of equipment and crew availability. This convenience arises from the city’s bustling activity, ensuring that necessary filming equipment and crews are readily accessible. Challenges such as unavailable cameras or specific lighting equipment are less likely to arise, given the multitude of vendors operating in the vicinity.
Overall, the practicality of conducting film productions in London is notably straightforward and convenient.

What’s the number one shoot you’ve done for ACrew4U?

I had the opportunity to work on Top Chef, and there’s a specific reason why this experience stands out as my favourite. It’s primarily because it was, by a significant margin, the largest production I have ever been a part of. This job posed considerable challenges, a fact that all of us were aware of. The unique aspect of this project was the integration of teams from two distinct countries, each with its own set of regulations and practices. I appreciate how this dynamic kept us constantly on our toes, presenting new challenges each day.

Looking back, I find it particularly rewarding that we managed to successfully navigate through these complexities and reach the project’s completion. Naturally, as with any production, there were moments where we felt that things could take a turn for the worse on certain days. Fortunately, we were able to come together and effectively address any issues that arose.

The demanding nature of this job is something I find appealing as well. I value the sense of challenge it brings. If the task were too straightforward and lacking in difficulty, it would likely leave us with more idle time on our hands, which I believe wouldn’t be as fulfilling.


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