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We talk to Vik, a key local producer in London for ACrew4U and ask him about his career journey so far

How long have you been working with ACrew4U ?

It has been approximately two years now.

How did you start working with ACrew4U ?

I was approached for a rather big project known as Top Chef, which was venturing outside of America for the first time to film Season 20. This was indeed a massive undertaking, involving a substantial crew, many of whom were sourced locally through Preview. This served as my initial introduction.

How long have you been doing your job?

I have been working in the film and TV industry for 21 years, with the past six to seven years dedicated to my role as a producer.

My entry into the industry was initially through my father, who was involved in Bollywood productions. He managed the logistics for various Indian films that were being shot in the UK. I began assisting him at around the age of 14 or 15. As time went on, I ventured out independently, taking on my own projects and contributing to various productions, both international and English language.

What makes you passionate about the job that you do?

You encounter a wide array of individuals, and it’s not typical to consistently work with the same group on every project. Each new endeavor introduces a fresh set of people from diverse backgrounds and various countries, creating a pleasant and stimulating variation. While the job is undoubtedly exciting, it might not carry the same level of excitement as perceived by an outsider who simply sees the allure of working in film and TV. Such individuals might not realize the repetition involved, such as having to redo a single scene multiple times, which can become quite monotonous.

Nevertheless, the true thrill comes from the process of bringing something to life collaboratively. It’s a dynamic effort involving anywhere from 20 to 200 individuals within a crew, all working in harmony to achieve a common goal.

Later, when you sit down to watch the final film or program, it’s an enlightening experience as you reflect on all the intricate details that contributed to those mere seconds or minutes of on-screen content. It’s a profound sense of satisfaction to witness the culmination of everyone’s efforts and the behind-the-scenes intricacies that shaped those brief moments.


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