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Filming events is very different compared to filming movies like James Bond where every word is strictly scripted, anything can happen. How do you pull off organising an event when you don’t know what form the event will be?

Here’s ACrew4U’s top secret tips to filming events.

1. How do you plan when you don’t know what you’re planning for?

Is your event going to be hybrid virtual or in person? Planning the videography for an event can be a dreaded task. When time is a constraint, visiting the venue before the event is not always possible and could have a large impact on the quality of film captured. Knowing you have a crew that knows the area can take this weight off your shoulders.


2. Prepare a solution that can change

If your event was to change to a virtual event from an inperson event we can help. Preparing the right gear for the job is crucial, but sending a crew abroad with their cameras, extra batteries and lights can be very expensive. On top of normal travel costs and extra luggage, covid tests and visas need to be paid for too. Having a crew ready on the ground where you need them will cut this cost and worry significantly.


3. Making it happen, shoot your video correctly.

Adjusting your camera settings appropriately for the conditions is key. Taking many different kinds of shots to vary the look of your video. Using cinematic filming techniques — even the driest corporate seminar can be jazzed up a bit with the right camera tricks. Finding a crew with all this experience and expertise isn’t easy, but when you work with ACrew4U you can rest assured you will have the best crew for the event at hand.

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