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Taste Of Berlin: Our Producers’ Food And Drink Tips

Embark on a journey slightly off Berlin’s beaten path to discover a hidden gem with a distinctive German vibe.


I know a cool spot with a distinctive German vibe, slightly off the beaten path—although, nothing is truly out of the way in Berlin. There’s a luxurious hotel where I used to get massages called Das Stue. Just behind it, in the back is a hidden gem, for those looking for something typically German—a beer garden. While beer gardens are common, this one has a unique charm with the Café Am Neuen See in the background.
Café Am Neuen See is excellent, especially for taking clients. It embodies the essence of Berlin while maintaining a professional atmosphere. It’s not uncommon to spot influential people, perhaps even the CEO of Facebook, alongside a group of young individuals casually smoking pot. The Hefeweizen beer is my go-to here. If it’s daytime, consider trying a Radler if you prefer something lighter and more hydrating.


Their menu features standard German fare, with sausages and potatoes being a noteworthy option. Berlin excels at brunch, presenting a European-style platter with meat, cheese, and fruit, along with a minimalistic touch. It’s a delightful experience, capturing the essence of a European brunch..



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