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Ash – A Key Producer For Us Tells Us About His Top Filming Destinations and Shoots in Berlin

Discover the diverse and authentic side of Berlin through Warschauer, a graffiti-rich enclave featuring a blend of historical ruins, vibrant clubs, a skate park, and dedicated graffiti walls. Notable spots like Holzmarkt Flohmarkt and unique markets contribute to the area’s distinctive atmosphere. The article emphasizes Berlin’s ability to seamlessly transition from urban landscapes to serene forests within 20 minutes, highlighting accessible historical ruins. ACrew4U’s top three shoots, including collaborations with Nike, Volvic, Bacardi, and a Facebook shoot at Soho House, showcase the company’s versatile portfolio. Explore Berlin’s hidden gems and professional endeavors with ACrew4U.

What would your top three destinations in Berlin be and why?


When visitors come to Berlin, they often seek out the vibrant graffiti scene. Berlin’s graffiti is known for its authenticity, particularly in areas like Warschauer near the train station. The train station itself is a blend of old and new, with one side representing the current station and the other side preserving the ruins of the original Warschauer train station, which was bombed during the war. Within this space, numerous clubs have been established, along with a skate park and ample walls designated for graffiti art.

Holzmarkt Flohmarkt

A notable spot is the Holzmarkt Flohmarkt, where a flea market adds to the eclectic atmosphere. This location is not only a great place to showcase Berlin’s essence but is also considered safe for exploration.

Nikon and Holzmarkt Wood Market

For a more authentic experience of Berlin, some might venture to Nikon, although it can be a bit risky due to its age and character. Another excellent recommendation is the Holzmarkt Wood Market, which I have frequented for various photo shoots.

How is shooting in Berlin different from anywhere else?
It’s a great place not only for work but also to enjoy a drink. There’s an excellent drum and bass club that I used to frequent in the skate park, as I mentioned earlier. This part of Berlin is particularly pleasant for first-time visitors, with a mix of vibrant markets and clubs attracting both tourists and locals. Unlike the more touristy spots, it offers a glimpse into the authentic side of the city, albeit not as central.
For a change of scenery, one can explore Devil’s Mountain or Teufelsberg, situated amid Berlin’s surrounding forests. This is one of the unique aspects of Berlin – within 20 minutes, you can transition from the urban cityscape to a serene forest with lakes. Teufelsberg, where I used to go cycling frequently, holds historical significance as the location of the old DDR spy tower, resembling a large dome and serving as another intriguing ruin to explore.

Berlin’s abundance of ruins adds to its charm, allowing for casual exploration. This is relevant to the paramedic question, as Berlin’s leniency allows individuals to wander freely among such historical sites. On the opposite side, there are standing stones that have been present for over 3000 years. Having experienced a similar reaction from Americans in the northeast of Scotland, my hometown, when showing them ancient carvings, it becomes apparent that the historical depth of such locations can be mind-blowing for visitors.

What are the top three shoots you’ve done for ACrew4U and why?

One would be the Nike shoot involving capturing footage at Tycosburg using a drone and other equipment. Our involvement with Nike extended to five videos, covering various shoes and a Fast Lab experience in a large warehouse, creating an engaging audiovisual encounter. This offers excellent visual content that is easily accessible online.

Another noteworthy project was with Volvic, centered around the theme “Express Your Flavor.” We conducted a shoot featuring a textile designer who, in her free time, crafted motorbikes, adding a unique and cool dimension to the project.

We also had the opportunity to collaborate with Bacardi on a shoot featuring Swizz Beatz, offering a grand scale for showcasing Bacardi. This shoot involved major names like Swizz Beatz, Major Lazer, and more.

Soho House

Additionally, we had a Facebook shoot at Soho House, which, while more of a corporate address endeavour, was enhanced by the inclusion of a dolly for a PowerPoint presentation. We also contributed to Facebook’s live shows during the World Cup, further diversifying our portfolio.


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