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3 Essential Tips For Shooting In Amsterdam: What You Should And Should Not Do When Shooting In Amsterdam

1- What are some of the dos and don’ts when shooting in Amsterdam?

I think that it’s important to allocate some extra time while filming in Amsterdam. The city is bustling with traffic and various activities, and even in the Canal area, you might encounter roadblocks caused by delivery trucks. It’s essential to plan and allow sufficient time to reach your filming location, ensuring you don’t have to panic about delays. Parking can be a challenge, and it’s crucial to avoid parking in unauthorized areas. This advice applies to any location you film in, so be cautious and considerate wherever you go.

2 – If you’re shooting in Amsterdam, what’s something that you should know if you aren’t from the Netherlands?

You should be familiar with how to navigate the city, and the route you take depends on your destination, of course. However, it’s worth noting that sometimes alternative routes may be more efficient than relying solely on navigation software.

3- What’s one thing you should bear in mind to make your shoot safer?

In the public areas, bicycles are quite common, and indeed, they can be dangerous. As the years pass, the situation seems to become even riskier due to the increasing speed of bicycles. Therefore, it’s essential to exercise caution at every square meter in Amsterdam, much like playing a game of basketball. So, it’s advisable not to indulge in excessive drinking, especially when it comes to Heineken or any alcoholic beverages.


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