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You have a partner that is as committed to your project as you are. Our service starts before, and ends after, your shoot. Plus we can help with editing and more…

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How to get started


The Basics

There is no fee payable for crew that want to get signed up to A Crew 4U.


Please send your application

Read below to find the information required and form for the signup


We’ll call you to have a chat

If your application looks to be suitable, we’ll give you a call because it’s good to get to know you and it’s through establishing a rapport that we can all work together moving forward.

What we offer

Our Relationship with you

We find the best people and work with you to plan and execute the shoot well, and the raw footage is delivered in time

Next Steps

You have a partner that is as committed to your project as you are. Our service starts before, and ends after, your shoot.

A Typical Job Workflow

a -Client Enquiry

The client gets in touch with A Crew 4U and tells us what they require. We have a standard list of questions re genre, kit locations, etc etc.

b – Matching the Job to You

We then need to consult the database to find who is/are the best matches to the job in question.

Using the information you sent us to do so. We’d then call you if it was within waking hours in your territory.

c – Giving the Client the details and their Quote

From that information we’d then furnish the client with a quote and a quick précis on the crew we had.

d – Confirmation

Assuming all was well, we’d receive a confirmation from the client and then send you per mail or fax a summary of the job, you’d need to check and return your confirmation that it was OK to proceed with the booking.

e – Planning

We’d organise the initial planning. The minutiae of call sheets and specifics for the day would be for you and the client to manage if practicable, keeping the production manager at A Crew 4U in the loop of course.

f – The Job

Over to you for the job itself! This may be with or without the client. It’s important that you’re proactive in contacting the client in case of critical problems or questions that arise if working remotely. Our crews whether for production services or crewing have a reputation for being good problem solvers as well as great technicians!

g – Post Job

You’d need to log the final hours worked and consumables and extras used above and beyond initial estimate, stating the information and any reasoning behind additions on to a job sheet. As well as making sure that you are looked after we have a job to ensure that a job is as cost effective as possible for the client.

We’d need this information ideally within twelve hours of the completion of a job to enable swift invoicing.

If you had conducted the shoot on a non attended basis, we’d need you to ship the files on hard disk or USB key or online via a method agreed in advance in writing with the client and A Crew 4U and make backup copies  until we had written confirmation materials were received fine by the client.

A crew 4U will also want your feed back on the shoot and that of the client so we can collectively continually improve the services we all offer.


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